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About Healing Rooms Scotland

Healing Rooms Scotland is a part of a worldwide network coming out of the healing rooms in Spokane, Washington. The ministry is based on the work of a man named John G. Lake, who led an incredible life of miracles, signs and wonders, both in Africa and the United States. There are currently over 30 healing rooms situated throughout Scotland, from the Shetland Islands right down to the borders, with new rooms opening up throughout the year.
The aim of this ministry is to heal the sick and set free the oppressed as a demonstration of the good news of the Kingdom of God. This is in line with Jesus own ministry and his commands (Matthew 4:23-24; Luke 4:18-19; 9:1-2).
We also aim to train believers in ministering to the sick and oppressed, and to encourage churches to develop this ministry among their congregations and in their areas. In this way miracles, signs and wonders might spread throughout the land as a testimony to Jesus.
Our heart is to work closely with Churches and other Ministries across Scotland, training and equipping believers with all they need to be praying for the sick. We currently have over 30  Healing Rooms across the nation and partner with over 100 Churches. We believe that together we can see this nation healed, set free and in close relationship with the Lord. 
Ultimately, we want to see Scotland become known as the healthiest country in Europe, and for people to come from all over to experience the healing power of God in their own lives and circumstances.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see the healing, liberating and life transforming power of Jesus Christ made accessible to the people of Scotland. To this end we desire to see the healing ministry of Jesus available within a reasonable distance of every person in Scotland – in the cities, towns, rural areas and islands.
We want to see believers of all generations working together as we bring healing to the streets of Scotland.
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