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Jesus Heals

We believe that God is ready, willing and able to heal you.

For fourteen years, Healing Rooms Scotland pioneered Christian healing ministry around the country, training, equipping and releasing individuals, groups, churches and ministries to pray for the sick.

Healing Rooms Scotland is closing at the end of 2017.

Announcement, 13 Dec. 2017:

After many years of faithful and pioneering service to communities across the nation, the leadership, trustees and staff of Healing Rooms Scotland have decided to close the organisation and its network of rooms.

Each of the existing Healing Rooms around the country will close and will no longer function under the banner of ‘Healing Rooms Scotland‘.

At the end of this month (December 2017) Healing Rooms Scotland will close and the charity will begin the process of being wound up.

From January 2017 it will be for local churches, ministries and groups to decide how they might offer a healing ministry to those who are in need in their community, town or city.

The Conclusion of the Healing Rooms Scotland Journey

Healing Rooms has had a phenomenally successful fourteen years of serving Scotland. It was birthed into the nation at a time when healing was not a common topic of conversation for the church. One of its aims was to redress this and to put healing firmly back onto the agenda of Bible-believing Christians across the land.

Right from its inception there was something of a quietly-prayed-for agreement that there would eventually be day when the organisation had fulfilled its vision to have birthed a healing movement and to see it growing and maturing. Healing Rooms Scotland has more than exceeded any original expectations by bringing to hearts and minds the concept that God heals – that He heals today and that He is on the move!

In this sense, the organisation has done the job it was established to do. Of course, we acknowledge that there is much yet for us all to do and the church as a whole has much growing still to do in this area of ministry. Nevertheless, healing is now well-birthed and the concepts are now core Biblical beliefs and practices for many, if not most, Christians in Scotland. We love to pray for healing for those who are sick, just as Jesus did!

We believe that, having served its purpose, it is now time to allow the ‘seed’ that is Healing Rooms Scotland to fall into the ground and ‘die’ so that new fruit will be birthed.

I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone [just one grain, never more]. But if it dies, it produces much grain and yields a harvest. John 12:24 (AMP)

Fourteen years on, Healing Rooms Scotland is no longer the cutting-edge and pioneering organisation that it once was. It is time to step aside and allow space for new trailblazers to arise and flourish.

It is time for fresh and different things to arise in the healing movement in Scotland.


The Healing Rooms Scotland charity, its administration and all Healing Rooms in Scotland are to close, in order to make way for a new move of God, in whatever form this may take.

To our all of our precious guests and clients:

Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to pray with you. You are very loved. If you have a healing need, we encourage you to connect with a Christian fellowship near you, where you will receive love, friendship and care, and where you will be prayed for to be healed. God wants you well.

To all of our hundreds of supporters, volunteers and leaders, past and present:

Thank you for serving so faithfully and diligently and for being true pioneers of a healing movement that is now well established in the land. We honour you for burning brightly – bright fires across the country. Your boldness gave the gift of healing back to the church, even where it had ceased for many years. You pursued unity, working together with each other and the Holy Spirit, across traditional boundaries and denominations. Healing Rooms Scotland leaves a great legacy. Well done!

We celebrate those who have led and served:

We celebrate and give thanks to those who served faithfully and sacrificially as national directors of Healing Rooms Scotland – Robbie & Emma and Steven & Helen, who courageously opened the first room in Glasgow city centre and then established the charity, travelling the length and breadth of the country to train and equip. Their legacy is immeasurable. We especially celebrate and are so very thankful to Allyson Tyrrell, who has wonderfully kept things working administratively for the last ten years. We are also very grateful to all those who served on the board of trustees over the last decade and to those who served as staff, office volunteers and interns during the period. Honour and thanks is also due to the International Association of Healing Rooms and its founders, Cal & Michelle Pierce, and to our European Divisional Leaders, Paul & Eve Clift.

To the church in Scotland:

For almost fifteen years, Healing Rooms Scotland has burned a bright beacon for the miraculous power of God that heals the sick and sets free the oppressed, as a demonstration of the good news of the Kingdom of God. It has taught, encouraged, demonstrated, trained and equipped the wider church on how to pray for the sick with faith and a knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit.

We now commission the church in Scotland to pick up the baton of healing and to birth new healing initiatives and movements.

God is willing, able and ready to heal. We continue to believe that Scotland become known as the healthiest country in Europe and that its citizens will experience the healing power of Jesus Christ in their own lives and circumstances. We continue to work towards this.

It is rarely easy when something so dear to so many ends. Emma and I have worked with Healing Rooms Scotland from its earliest months and we have been immeasurably blessed by our association with the organisation and its people. The decision to close was taken carefully and prayerfully and in consultation with as many stakeholders as possible. We are confident that, though poignant, this is the right course of action to take.

It is time for new wineskins to carry the new wine. We look forward to the great fruit that is to come as this seed falls to the ground.

In the appendix to this letter, below, we offer some responses to a selection of the questions that you may have about this announcement. We hope that these responses, though hardly exhaustive, are helpful to you.

With love and grateful thanks for your support and understanding,

David and Emma Stark
National Directors, Healing Rooms Scotland


We would love to see you at one of our Healing Rooms. You don’t need to book in or make an appointment. Simply note the opening times and location of your nearest Room and turn up to the reception point at the day/time. Every session is free and confidential and, though healing ministry is an incredible, powerful experience, you will be treated gently, kindly and respectfully.

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We are part of a large international association

Healing Rooms Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland is part of the International Association of Healing Rooms, founded in 1999 in Spokane, USA. There are around 3,000 Healing Rooms around the world, including around 25 in Scotland and Ireland and 60 in England and Wales.


Our Volunteers

The awesome volunteers who serve on our Healing Rooms teams are ordinary people who are discovering that ‘normal’ Christianity includes miracles, supernatural signs and wonders and healing. Our family atmosphere of love and unity permeates each of our teams, even though they are drawn from all sorts of church backgrounds (Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Charismatic and so on). If you are a Christian and would be interested in training to join a team, please get in touch.


Would you be interested in opening a Room near you?

If you’re interested in starting a Healing Room in your area then we would love to help you. We have advice, resources and training available for you and your colleagues to consider.